Food events

The Piedmont is home to some of the most important and delicious food and wine events in Italy.
The main ones are:

  • Salone del Gusto, (autumn), Turin.
  • Fair wine, (October) Turin. Colored pasta
  • Mother Earth (autumn), Turin.
  • CioccolaTO, (March) Torino.
  • Sagra kitchens Monferrato, (June) Moncalvo (TO).
  • Truffle Fair (October) Moncalvo (TO).
  • Fair ox fat, (December) Moncalvo (TO).
  • Festival of Salam 's Potato, (January-February) Seventh Rottaro (TO).
  • Festival of Pepper Carmagnola, (August-September) Carmagnola (TO).
  • Shows regional Toma di Lanzo, (July) Usseglio (TO).
  • Cheese, (September) Bra (TO).
  • Earth mother, world meeting of food communities, Turin.
  • Maggioformaggio, Moretta (CN).

  • International Fair of white truffle of Alba, (September) Alba (CN).
  • Fair honey and wine, (September) Montà d'Alba (CN).
  • Strawberry festival, (May-June) Predosa - Peveragno - Sommariva Perno (CN).
  • Festival of cherries, (May-June) Dogliani - Pecetto Torinese - Anzola d'Ossola - Revigliasco - Garbagna (CN). Forms of cheese
  • Fair Beef, (April) Carrù (CN).
  • National Fair Truffle Trifola d'Or, (November) Alexandria.
  • Festival of the boiled, (August) Fraction Mantovana (AL).
  • Feast of Barbera, (May) Castagnole Lanze (AT).
  • Hazelnut Festival (August) Cortemilia (CN).
  • Festival of Festivals of Asti (September) Asti.
  • Festival of Barbera and the Cardo wrong, Incisa Scapaccino (AT).
  • Douja d'Or, the festival dedicated to wine, (September) Asti.
  • Rice & Laughter, (June) Vercelli.