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Here is a list of the major museums in the city of Turin:

  • Stau Egypt from the Egyptian museum in Turin Egyptian Museum, founded in 1824 and located in the Palace of the Academy of Sciences, has one of the largest collections of Egyptian art in the world, second only to that of Cairo. There is talk of over 30 thousand pieces, illustrating the civilization of ancient Egypt from the Predynastic Period (4000 BC) to late antiquity (V-VI cent. AD).
  • Savoy Gallery, founded by Carlo Alberto and still located in Palazzo dell'Accademia delle Scienze, divides the 7 sections. It contains works by famous Italian artists (Beato Angelico, Bronzino, Pollaiuolo, Filippo Lippi and others) and Piedmont (John Martino Spanzotti, Gaudenzio Ferrari and others) and Flemish artists like Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling and Rembrandt. Then there are the Savoy collection with works by artists of various ages and nationalities. Finally, the collection of ancient art, gift entrepreneur Richard Gualino Turin, with works by Duccio, Taddeo di Bartolo and Veronese.
  • Museum of Antiquities, housed in the Royal Gardens. Its origins date back to 1500 with the collections of Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and his successors. One section contains the archaeological finds unearthed in the region, offering an image of the old Piedmont, another is dedicated to archaeological finds of ancient Turin (remains of the Roman theater, mosaics, the support of the necropolis).
  • National Museum of the mountain, wanted by the Italian Alpine Club, is situated in panoramic position. Wants to offer the visitor a different approach to the mountains around the world. From the lookout you can see, weather permitting, a spectacular panorama of the Alpine from the Maritime Alps to Monte Rosa. Photos of the Lingotto in Turin
  • National Automobile Museum, founded in 1957, is among the most important in Europe. Exposes the evolution of the automobile from the start (eg the first tank self-propelled artillery of 1729) to the eighties through the exhibition of over 150 original car, including some unique or rare. Also shows models, prints, vintage posters and drawings. Also has a section devoted to car racing and the historic Hall of the tire. Finally, the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions.
  • Urban eco-museum in Turin, founded in 2004, was born with the aim of raising awareness of the territory and its identity. This is a particular type of museum wants to be a museum "widespread", whose contents are not just simple collections, but activities on the territory. Proposes the idea of a visible city, with its architecture, which intersects with an invisible city, that of economic, social and cultural rights. Here the knowledge of "specialists" is to tie it constantly to know the citizens, to offer an image of change and how to see the city.
  • National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento, located in Palazzo Carignano, by Guarino Guarini and jewel of Baroque architecture, contains the testimony of the House of Savoy since 1706 and offers a historical reconstruction of the events that led to the formation of the national state. Interesting is also the hall of the Parliament of Piedmont, which was the seat of the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Sardinia half'800.
  • Pinacoteca Giovanni Agnelli and Mary, founded in 2002, is located at the Lingotto and contains 25 works from the private collection Agnelli, such as some views of Canaletto, a sculpture by Canova and paintings by Manet and Renoir paintings by Matisse, Picasso and Modigliani.

Other museums in Turin are: National Historical Museum of Artillery, Museum of Anthropology and Cinema Museum in Turin Ethnography Museum of Art and furnished and the Museum of Ancient Art, Museum of Radio and Television, Puppet Museum, Regional Museum of Natural Science, Art Gallery of the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, Museo Pietro Micca.

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Other museums in the province of Turin

  • Museum Cavour, Santen.
  • Municipal Museum Pier Alessandro Garda, Ivrea.
  • MAAM, open-air museum of architecture, Ivrea.
  • National Museum of the Army cavalry, Pinerolo.
  • Museum Prali and Val Germanasca Ghigo.
  • Eco-museum of industrial archeology, Villar Pellice.
  • Civic Museum, Susa.
  • Diocesan Museum of Art