The main events in Cuneo and district:

  • Great Fair in the summer (August-September) Cuneo. Balloons
  • Cuneopizzafest, (June), Cuneo.
  • Linux-Day (autumn-winter) Cuneo.
  • Exhibit, (August) Mondovi.
  • Fair Spring (April-May) Mondovi.
  • Feu d'la Madona, fireworks, (September 7) Mondovi.
  • International gathering of balloons, (Epiphany) Mondovi.
  • Cheese, (September) Bra.
  • National Truffle Fair (autumn) Alba.
  • "Joust of the hundred towers" and the "Palio of the donkeys" (first Sunday in October) Alba.
  • International Antiques Show, (May) Saluzzo.