Visit Alexandria

  • The heart of the city is Freedom Square, built in 1803 in place of the medieval cathedral, and overlooked by the main public buildings. There stand the City Hall, the Palace of Post and Telegraph (XX sec.) And one of the most important baroque monuments of the city, the palace of the prefecture and province, also called Palazzo Ghilini. It was begun by Benedetto Alfieri (cousin of the poet Vittorio) and is characterized by the octagonal vestibule and the large Piazza Garibaldi (AL) steps, for the furniture and ceiling frescoes by Giovanni Antonio Cucchi.
  • Near the square is the Cathedral, built in 1810 in neoclassic style. You can admire the frescoes by Luigi Morgari and statues of the patron saints of the 24 cities of the Lombard League.
  • You can also visit the church of S. Maria del Carmine, the fifteenth century, in Gothic style, and the church of S. Maria di Castello, always the fifteenth century, late-Gothic, was built on two oldest temples. Preserve polychrome pottery of the sixteenth century and a painting of Moncalvo.
  • Interesting example of military architecture and the Citadel, built by the will of Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy in '700 by Giuseppe Ignazio Bertola.
  • The City Museum and Art Gallery collects various collections with artifacts archaeological, paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth-century Flemish tapestries and works of artist John Enhance. Also there is the Prints and ancient, modern and contemporary. Another highlight is the Museum of the hat, the historic seat of the famous company Borsalino, which contains ca. 5000 caps a testimony of the century and a half of activities.
  • Nell 'former convent of S. Francis, via Cavour 39, can admire "The rooms of Arthur", 15 large frescoes of the fourteenth century found in the tower of Palazzo Trotti to Frugarolo dedicated to the exploits of Lancelot.