Photos and videos of Piedmont

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Cathedral of Casale Monferrato


Around Alexandria ... 1 foto

Hautes Alpes

Beautiful mountains ...

Photos of the beautiful Alps that characterize the region of Piedmont. 4 foto

View from the Mole Antonelliana


Some glimpses of one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, Turin. 6 foto

Grotta di Bossea

Around Cuneo ...

Some wonders of Cuneo! 4 foto

Islands on Lake Maggiore

Lakes and parks in Piedmont

The most beautiful pictures of lakes and parks in Piedmont! 6 foto

Novara and its rice fields

Novara, Biella, Verbania and Vercelli

The best pictures from the other provinces of Piedmont. 10 foto

Cathedral of Asti


The beautiful cittd'Asti, famous for its artistic and gastronomic tradition, surrounded by rolling hills. The province of Asti dotted with charming small towns and quaint towns. 5 foto

Hills and villages

The hills and wine in Piedmont

The fertile lands of the Piedmont hills allow the cultivation of grapes such illustrious Barbera or Nebbiolo, but they are also places of unparalleled natural beauty in all seasons of the year. 6 foto